Annie almost catches Jed adding to graffiti about Jack on the viaduct. He tries to get Doreen to agree to a date with him but she easily escapes his charms. Joe starts work on Gamma Garments' water heater as Swindley has given him the job. Len mouths off about Swindley in the Corner Shop about Swindley. Emily walks in and fearlessly lectures him about evading his responsibilities. Martha and Minnie spread the news that the rents are going up on both Coronation Street and Mawdsley Street. Val and Concepta are annoyed by the landlord's greed. Lucille is given a study by school on the street in the 1930s and looks for Harry's old photos for inspiration. Annie intends to thanks all the residents personally for their support for her and Jack. Sheila agrees to a date with Jerry if he'll supply a man for Doreen. Having heard what Emily said to Len, Swindley thanks her. Lucille looks through the old photos but within them Concepta finds a more recent one of Harry with his arm round another woman. Christine apologises to Frank for accusing him of setting Alf on Joe. Frank agrees to go to a darts match at the British Legion with Alf. Minnie's television breaks down and she's unable to watch No Hiding Place so she goes to Martha's instead. Jerry asks Jed to be Doreen's date for the night. Joe tells Jerry he'd be better off working at Roscoe & Pitts but he's not interested. Harry comes home from work for his tea to a frosty reception from Concepta. She demands to know who the woman is in the photograph. Doreen dons a blonde wig and is horrified to find Jed is her date. Harry tells Concepta the woman is a clippie at a Christmas party and she calms down. Jed takes the unimpressed girls to the Orinoco Club to see a stripper. He's unable to afford drinks for them and Jerry has to pay. Christine turns up at the club with Joe but they end up bickering. Joe tells Jerry he could earn 15/- a week more at Roscoe & Pitts. Jerry asks him to make enquiries for him. Joe relishes the thought of how annoyed Len will be at the news.


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