Pamela Mitchell pays Ken £10 for his article for the Weatherfield Recorder. He tells her that he hated the changes made to it. Archie Crabtree's assistant at the chip shop, Avril Carter, tells Hilda that Archie was more to her than an employer - he was a very good friend. Bet tells Vera that she could get a laugh by going to the video dating agency. Ken accuses Pamela of rewriting his article. She justifies her actions by pointing out the huge amount of public response and she talks him into writing more pieces. Vera goes to the "Bill & Coo Video Dating Agency" to see the videos. She calls herself "Carole Munro". She is furious to see Jack is one of the clients. Hilda takes in Archie's body and puts him in the front parlour. Vera accuses Bet of setting her up but Bet tells her that she sent her to the agency to play Jack at his own game. She suggests Vera, as Carole, makes a date to meet "Vince St. Clair".


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