Suzie looks for a job. Bet and Betty demand compensation from Fred for their ruined clothes. Brian makes the Rover look perfect and makes Fred take it away. Mike hears that Maggie Redman has had his child. Fred refuses to pay Bet and Betty £50. They tell him that they've contacted a solicitor. Ken completes his article for the Weatherfield Recorder. Pamela Mitchell agrees to print it but wants to edit it. Ken worries that she'll make it too bland. Suzie offers to promote the disco for Mike but he doesn't want her. Bet puts on a posh voice and pretends to be a solicitor's secretary to frighten Fred on the phone. He agrees to pay Bet and Betty £7.50 each. Suzie is behind with the rent but can't get a job. When an old friend finds a man through video dating, Bet decides to give it a try.


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