Bet and Betty are stranded in the Rover in the middle of a lake. Fred wades out to the car but can't start it. Annie tries to cope alone at the Rovers with a lot of complaining customers. Suzie finds Terry Goodwin in No.11. He tells her he's sorry he hit her. She tries to phone the police but he has cut the phone wires. He tells her he loves her and doesn't understand why she's such a cow. He threatens to kill himself if she doesn't return. Fred carries Bet and Betty to land. Bet is furious when he sits her down on a cowpat. Terry packs Suzie's things but she refuses to leave. Elsie arrives and gets Suzie to run out and get help. She gets Eddie and Alf to come to Elsie's aid. They find she has dealt with him already. Terry tells Suzie he'll leave her alone and admits defeat. Fred, Betty and Bet return in a taxi, cold and haggard. Fred blames Brian but Annie rules that as he took the car without the mechanic's consent he is to blame for everything. Fred tells Brian he wants the car brought back free of charge.


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Bet Lynch: "Frederick my boy... Things were bad. You had more than enough to answer for before, but now you have put the top hat on things with a vengeance."
Fred Gee: "Oh, belt up will yer?"
Bet Lynch: "You have done me and my gorgeous new outfit the final, the most unforgivable mischief! Not content with doing your damnedest to try and feed me to the flamin' fishes, you have put me down, right slap bang, in the middle of a flamin' cow plop!"

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