It's Harry's birthday and Florrie takes in a parcel for him from his sister. Martha and Minnie try to get away with under-paying their fares but get caught out by Harry. Builder Bert Driver looks over No.3 and tells Frank that the repairs and solicitor's fees will come to £100. As they can't afford the sum, Ida is disappointed that they'll have to forgo buying the house. Eileen Hughes finds out it's Harry's birthday. Florrie prepares the chicken for Harry. Albert identifies a coin that Florrie has taken as a dud. Lucille is allowed a night away from the orphanage to see Harry and is left alone in No.7 by Mrs Donovan who has accompanied her home. Harry calls into the Corner Shop for food for a meal and Florrie invites him in to "share" her meal. She is also forced to invite Lucille as well when she calls into the shop. The meal goes well but they are interrupted by the arrival of Eileen. Elsie insists on seeing the contents of the box but Dennis tells her she'll be sorry. Eileen gives Harry a birthday present. He takes Lucille to see Concepta and Florrie and Eileen are left with each other. Ena gets Martha and Minnie to test their gas pressure as she is having a problem with hers. Elsie threatens Dennis with eviction unless he opens the box. He does so to reveal a python. To Dennis's surprise, she feels sorry for it.


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