Mike is annoyed that the Barlows have left for Malta, depriving him of the chance to speak to Deirdre. Emily tells him that she's glad. Betty returns to work. Bet worries that Annie will replace her with Suzie. Alf trips on one of Bet's shoes and falls down the stairs. Annie tells the staff that Suzie has to leave as Betty is back. Len rings for a doctor who tells Alf his ankle is sprained. He has to rest up for a few weeks. Marion tells Eddie that she saw Stan going into a cinema in Manchester when he should have been working. Alf asks Bet to look after the shop but she refuses as she has to work at the Rovers. Moneylender Syd Kippax calls at No.13 and tells a shocked Hilda that Stan owes him £185 and has twenty-four hours to pay up. She breaks down, upset that Stan has resorted to borrowing money. Stan tells her that he hasn't been able to work and spends all his days at the pictures. He is distraught to see Hilda so upset and weeps in frustration.


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