Deirdre gives her job up and packs hers and Tracy's bags. Ken tells Albert that Deirdre and Tracy are leaving for good. Albert is heartbroken and tells them he's sick and disgusted with them. Annie is pleased when Betty is well enough to return home. Stan fears Syd Kippax will take the house off him. Deirdre tells Ken she's going to stay with Blanche. He is furious that she isn't going to Mike's. He tells her to remember that she's wrecked their marriage and tells her never to return once she's walked out of the door. He breaks down as she leaves but she returns, telling him that she can't go. She begs him not to make her go and tells him that she'll do anything to stay. They are reconciled. Ken calls on Mike at the factory and tells him that Deirdre doesn't want to see him again. Mike refuses to believe Deirdre isn't leaving Ken. Eddie helps Stan chase up bad payers. He discovers Stan has let the round disintegrate. Emily is delighted to hear Deirdre is staying with Ken. Albert weeps when Deirdre tells him that she's not leaving. Fred advises Annie to keep Suzie on and get rid of Bet or Betty. Ken books an immediate holiday in Malta for Deirdre. Mike calls at No.1 and accuses Ken of keeping Deirdre from him. Deirdre tells him herself that she's staying with Ken.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Tears fall as Ken and Deirdre Barlow make their most vital decision since they married. Barmaid Bet Lynch wonders if her days at the Rovers are numbered.
  • Such was the public and media interest in the love triangle, when Deirdre announced she was staying with Ken the scoreboard at Old Trafford flashed a message reading "Ken and Deirdre reunited. Ken 1 - Mike 0" leading to cheers from the spectators.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 18,450,000 viewers (1st place). This was the highest-rated episode of the year.
  • This episode was included on the Granada and Windsong Video Coronation Street 1983 released on 5th November 1990.
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