Ken sleeps on the sofa. When Albert finds him there in the morning he realises something is wrong but Ken tells him to mind his own business. Ken gets Albert out of the house before laying into Deirdre. Deirdre apologises for hurting Ken but he tells her it's too late for her to be sorry. Suzie starts doing more work than usual as Annie returns from visiting Joan. Fred is annoyed as Annie still treats the Rover as if it was hers. Ken wants to know Deirdre's plans and accuses her of being selfish. She accuses him of never wanting her, just someone to clean up after him. Albert feels in the way at No.1 as the Barlows row. Deirdre accuses Ken of tolerating her and it feels as if they've been married for twenty years. Mike calls on Deirdre. She tells him Ken knows, she has to stop Ken from hitting Mike whilst he drags her away from Mike, nearly hitting her in the process. Fred tackles Annie for petrol money but she ignores him. Ken calls Deirdre calculating and tells her she's killed their marriage; she must pack and get out.


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