Val worries about Frank, wondering if Esther did the right thing and thinking they should leave him and Christine alone but Ken isn't sympathetic to his father's situation. Albert looks forward to his regimental reunion but Frank is in no mood to discuss it with him and tells him to mind his own business when he tries to ask him what's wrong. Annie buys several items at Gamma Garments to help the business. Jed looks over the shop's back room, getting caught by Swindley who orders him to leave. Albert is hurt by Frank's attitude and complains to Ken and Val. They bring him up to speed about Joe. Val has a change of view and takes against Christine. Len fixes the vestry door for Ena. Elsie wants to talk tactics with Ena about Frank and Christine but she thinks they should just let them get on with it. In the corner shop, Christine refuses to listen to Esther's apology and threatens Val when she tells her to leave Frank alone. In front of an amused Annie, Harry gives Jack tips as to how to get permission for a night out. Jack and Albert go to their reunion wearing their service medals. Doreen serves behind the bar for the night to help Annie. Martha excitedly tells Ena about Christine and Val's altercation. Ena tells her the truth about Christine's fictional boyfriend. Martha is hurt that she wasn't taken into her confidence. Elsie warns Christine that everyone will be watching every move she makes. Ena makes dinner for Len and they talk about living alone. The visiting brewery rep, Mr Henshaw, praises Annie for the standards in the Rovers. Florrie asks for a bottle of sherry and he sees that Doreen offers her one of Jed's consignment of Cyprus sherry. He tells Annie he'll have to report her for selling non-brewery goods. She intends to have the matter out with Jack when he returns.


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