Fred looks into a new Rover for Annie to buy. Emily tells Deirdre about overhearing her phone conversation with Mike and knows about her affair. Deirdre tells her it's none of her business. Her defence makes Emily realise she was right about the affair. Suzie annoys Gail by going on about her high-life in London whilst complaining about boring Weatherfield. Gail asks her to find somewhere else to live soon as there's no room in her house. They gang up on Elsie and ask her to get Marion to share her room. Deirdre tells Mike that Emily knows about them. Elsie talks Marion into sharing her room with Suzie by knocking £6 a week off her rent. Annie decides a new car would be expensive and decides to use taxis in future. Fred is annoyed. Suzie moves in with Marion. Deirdre apologises to Emily for shouting at her and admits to seeing Mike. She tries to explain how boring marriage to Ken is. Mike has given her something in her life which she feels she needs. Emily tells her that she's putting her marriage on the line. Emily begs her to think of the consequences of the affair.


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