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Gail doesn't like Suzie walking round in skimpy nighties. Annie holds Fred responsible for the crash. Ken springs a night out dance on Deirdre. She is alarmed as she was planning to see Mike. Ken tells her that all his bosses will be at the dance so she agrees. Elsie is delighted to see Suzie. The insurance assessor, Mr. Powell, inspects the car and tells Annie it's a write-off; the repair cost is more than the car's worth. Suzie asks Mike for a job and throws herself at him. Mike tells her that he can't employ her or take her out. Annie is distraught to find the Rover isn't worth £500. Deirdre tells Mike she can't see him as she's going to the Probation Officers Ball. Emily innocently overhears Mike's side of the phone call. Emily babysits for the Barlows, she is alarmed to discover they are going to the Probation Officers Ball and realises that Deirdre was Mike's date.


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