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Phyllis cooks an early Christmas dinner for the Whitelys but everyone's too excited to enjoy it. Marion discovers that Eddie hasn't been at work. Rita decides that Sharon should be told about the job in Sheffield. Sharon is delighted with the prospect of a proper job but doesn't like the idea of leaving the Faircloughs. Bet is sad that Bob is leaving and tries, in vain, to get him to write to her. Len is angry that Rita has told Sharon about the job. Elsie is annoyed when Hilda accuses Marion of driving Eddie away from his home. Hilda turns on Elsie, blaming her for bringing Geoff Siddall into their lives. Phyllis sobs as Craig and Bob leave for Australia. Chalkie is sad to see them go. Social worker Mr. Carter tells Sharon that if she takes the job she will live with the Stringers who own the kennels. He tells her that he'll need to know soon if she wants the job. Marion is told that Jack saw Eddie making his way to Liverpool.


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