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Chalkie tells Bob Whitely he's going to stay in Weatherfield. Elsie shops for her trip to Belgium. Chalkie and Phyllis decide to join forces to persuade Bob to let Craig stay with them. Victor tells Mavis their story is going to be broadcast on the radio tomorrow. Mavis is nervous at the thought. Eddie convinces Marion that his motives were good and he wants the money to grow for their new home. Ken lets slip to Rita about the radio broadcast. Phyllis tells Chalkie she'll never forgive him if he lets Bob take Craig away from her. Bob asks Chalkie not to interfere with his plans for Craig; he wants to make things up to him for his absences in the past. Elsie waits in vain for Geoff Siddall to pick her up, she then discovers he has disappeared. She breaks the news to Eddie and Marion.


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