Fred goes off to a holiday camp. Annie returns from holidaying with Olive Taylor-Brown. Maggie looks over a lock-up shop in Station Road, thinking of buying it. Marion is shocked to see Phil Moss again. The Gazette carries Bet's picture and a report saying that Bet lives rent-free at the Corner Shop flat. Alf tells her that he was a fool to take her in. Phil tells Marion he's missed her. She tells him that she is now Eddie's girl. Chalkie is annoyed to hear the Faircloughs are taking their carpets with them. Marion tells Eddie that she was nearly engaged to Phil. He tells her that it makes no difference to him. Bet apologises to Alf, feeling like a cheap tart. He tells her that he wants her to leave the flat. Rita sells the carpets to Chalkie for £100. Len decides to throw a farewell party at No.9 rather than a house-warming at No.7. Maggie needs £3,000 to open the new shop. Phil tells Marion that he wants them to start up again.


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