Eddie and Marion spend the night together. Ivy apologises to Gail for thinking she's been unfaithful. Gail tells Ivy that she's missing Brian and wants him to return. Hilda guesses that Elsie is away. Stan tells her that Eddie spent the night with Marion. Deirdre celebrates her twenty-seventh birthday. Hilda makes Eddie run up and down stairs to "invalid Elsie". Gail asks Les Charlton not to call on her any more. He tells her that he likes her company but agrees not to see her again. Mike feels vulnerable now all his family are dead. Maggie tells him that he's always got her. Ken buys a weekend trip away in London for Deirdre's birthday. Eddie tells Hilda he's off to Liverpool again so Hilda brings Stan round to spend the evening with Marion. She tells Eddie that she knows what he's up to. Eddie maintains they've done nothing to be ashamed of. Ivy tells Gail that Brian is coming home next Monday.


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