Building inspector Frank Hurst looks over Len's new house. Hilda returns from visiting Archie Crabtree to find Eddie engaged. Betty leaves hospital. Ken is horrified that Deirdre has told the police about Raymond Attwood and he calls her irresponsible. Deirdre tells him that the world is a jungle - he is not living in an ideal world. She says that whoever mugged Betty was an animal and must be stopped. Detective Sergeant Bell tells the Barlows that Deirdre was right; Attwood was the mugger. Eddie and Marion decide to throw an engagement party. Hilda is upset that it's going to be at the Rovers and not No.13. Eddie wins her round by asking her to act as his stand-in mother. The inspector tells Len to replace his joists and cavities. Len accuses him of being fussy and refuses to replace the joists. The inspector threatens to take him to court if he doesn't comply.


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