Mary Stubbs, the rent collector for the landlord of the Street, tells Ida that the residents are being offered the option to buy their houses for £200 each. She is interested and wonders how to persuade Frank. She's delighted to find that he's already made his own enquiries. Mary tells Elsie that someone's going to be looking over No.9. She tells her about Linda and Ivan's interest and asks her not to let the house go. Elsie asks Albert's advice on the difference between a decree nisi and a decree absolute as she's been to her solicitor to sort out her divorce. Frank tells Ida they can't afford the house with the present shortage of wages coming in. Billy takes Doreen to the Luxy but when they go to Jackson's Chip Shop she's more interested in Joe. Linda visits Elsie to see if she's done anything about No.9. She hears about the divorce. Elsie is curious about the mysterious box Dennis has under his bed but he refuses to tell her. Frank tells Ida he'll get builder Bert Driver to look over the house and assess it. Christine asks Joe about Doreen's interest in him and is offended when he mentions Malcolm Wilkinson. Esther offers to cook Albert a hot meal to stop him living off tinned goods. Florrie finds out it's Harry's birthday tomorrow and she puts aside a chicken to make a surprise meal for him.


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