Sharon refuses to work at The Kabin again and persuades Len to take her on at the yard. Ivy is put out that Brian has written to Gail but not her. Betty finds Fred unconscious at the bottom of the cellar steps. Eddie and Mike carry him up. He regains consciousness but suffers back pains as he fell down the stairs. Betty calls for an ambulance. Sharon surprises Len with her carpentry skills. Webster's cancel their order with Mike. He realises that Dot Stockwell has put the boot in and is using her influence to damage Mike and Elsie. He lays into Elsie but she tells him to get off her back. Fred is taken to hospital for an X-ray. He is signed off work with a bad back and is told to go to bed until it's better. Mike tells the girls they could be on a three-day week soon because Webster's have cancelled the order. Ivy realises Elsie has caused trouble.


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