Alf finds the card and realises he forgot to post it. He pushes it through No.13's door. Eddie starts to use a CB radio with the callsign of "Slim Jim" and he contacts a woman calling herself "Stardust Lil". Hilda finds her Valentine and hides it from Stan. Deirdre is cool towards Ken. Hilda thinks she's got a secret admirer, Stan says he sent it but she refuses to believe him as he's never sent her one before. Eddie spends the day talking to Stardust Lil. He tells her he's a business man. She is impressed by him. He asks her for a date and she agrees. Hilda dresses up in case her admirer makes himself known to her. Wilf turns up to see Elsie. She worries that he's left home. He tells her that he would never leave Dot for her. She feels better when he tells her his marriage has been wrecked for a long time, now he wants a bit of happiness. Eddie decides he'll nick Hilda's keys to Mike's flat to entertain Lil.


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