Vera accuses Elsie of being Mike's favourite when he gives her time off to have her hair done. Elsie is forced to tell the girls about the date. Vera is jealous. Mike takes Sylvie Hicks on the date as Sonia Price is ill. Hilda refuses to feed Stan as he spends all his time at Annie's cocktail hour. Nellie Harvey starts a Happy Hour between 6.30 and 7.30. All of Annie's customers desert the Rovers for the Laughing Donkey. Emily discovers that Arnold has left her £2,000 in his will. She doesn't want the money and feels Arnold is haunting her from the grave. Annie decides to stop the cocktail hour as her regulars have deserted her. Mike, Sylvie, Elsie and Wilf Stockwell go on the town. Wilf makes a play for Elsie whilst Mike and Sylvie flirt. However, Frankie turns up unexpectedly to see Mike.


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