Jed tries to sell one of Dennis's risque calendars to Jerry for the yard but he refuses to deal with him unless Len says he can. Doreen and Sheila are angry with Jed for the mess he created in their flat. Len tells Jerry he needs to talk to him about a personal matter. Elsie gets down as the hour of the Cheveskis' departure approaches but she puts on a brave face. Harry calls round and he and Elsie decide not to tell anyone about Nellie leaving Len. Jerry is told the full story by Len who apologises for being moody for the past few weeks. Len is sanguine about everyone finding out, thinking it's inevitable. Val hears the story from neighbours in another street and gets Concepta to admit that it's true. Doreen and Sheila make fun of Jed for shopping for Minnie. Having heard the truth, Ena takes Elsie to task for leading her to believe that Len was seriously ill but Elsie points out that Ena jumped to conclusions. Harry is annoyed that the news is starting to get out but points out some harsh home truths to Len about how he neglected his wife when he asks for pity. Concepta is appalled at her husband's words. When Elsie tells her what's happened, Linda thinks Nellie has left because Len was having an affair with Elsie, and threatens not to return to Canada. Jed tries unsuccessfully to sell a calendar to Val and is sent on his way by Ken. They notice that Christine has her own key to No.3. Ivan puts his foot down with Linda and insists they're making the journey. Elsie elects not to go to the docks with them. Ena provokes Len into stopping feeling sorry for himself. She also points out to Jed that his calendars are for last year. Jed is furious with Dennis. The neighbours have farewell drinks with the Cheveskis in No.11 before the taxi arrives to take them to the docks. Pushed for an answer, Frank tells Ken he's going to marry Christine causing Ken to explode at the age difference as he was at school with Christine. A tearful Elsie hugs Paul before the residents wave the Cheveskis off.


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Ena Sharples: "By gum, she's all there with her lemon drops is that Elsie Tanner."

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