Harry invites the Barlows to No.7 to see in the New Year, including Frank. Sheila and Doreen plan a party in the flat. Jed wants an invite but they refuse him one. Concepta still thinks Len is in poor health. She's shocked to hear the truth from Harry. Ena tells Jerry that Len is a sick man. Ken scoffs at the notion of Frank getting married again. Jack tells him he'll feel differently when he's Frank's age. Len makes the most of it when everyone thinks he's ill and treats him with kid gloves. Jed looks for somewhere to spend the New Year but no one wants him. Sheila relents and invites him and Jerry to the flat party. Frank rejects Val for Christine for the evening. The Cheveskis pack for Canada. The residents look back on 1962. Jack and Ena discover they've both received postcards from Sam Leach. Christine joins the Barlows and the Hewitts at No.7. Ken and Val aren't happy about it but make the best of it. Harry makes a resolution to be more firm to please Concepta. Nellie leaves, dragging Stanley with her. Elsie gets Len to join her party at No.11 rather than let him go drinking at The Flying Horse on his own. Ivan is sent outside before midnight to be Elsie's first-foot. He sees in 1963 in the freezing cold with Jack, Harry, Frank and Jerry who've been similarly landed with the task. Ena spends the night on her own at the Mission. The girls make a show of throwing Jed out after midnight before letting him back in to celebrate the coming of 1963.


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