Elsie returns from holiday to find herself on a three-day week. Alf returns from Scarborough and keeps Audrey on as Deirdre is ill. He discovers that Audrey has been opening the shop at irregular hours as well as running a hair salon in the back room. Solicitor Roger Mulholland talks to Ron Sykes and Brian. He fears that the prosecution will make a lot of Brian's fitness. Mulholland fiercely questions Brian to make him crack, accusing him of using his strength to beat Ronnie Burgess up. Alf feels that Audrey has got initiative doing hair. Mulholland agrees to take on Brian's case. Ivy suggests to Mike that they try to sell the Johnson's order on the market. He books a stall and tells the girls they'll be selling the gear in pairs, starting with Elsie and Vera.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Brian Tilsley is given a tough time by solicitor Tony Mulholland. But will Mulholland agree to fight Brian's court case? Alf Roberts returns from holiday to find Audrey Potter has made a right mess of the corner shop (Note: the name of the solictor was changed from "Tony Mullholland" to "Roger Mullholland" for the recording of the episode but the original name was the one sent to the magazine)
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 16,200,000 viewers (2nd place).
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