Ivy is worried when Mike tells her to call for voluntary redundancies as she can't accept last in first out. Audrey closes the shop to style Mavis's hair. The factory girls raise £28 towards Brian's solicitor. Ivy assures the girls that Mike is in a bad way but Vera doesn't think things are that bad and demands a three-day week. The rest of the girls back her. Ivy is forced to join the vote. Brian tells Ron Sykes he risked his life for him and he feels that he owes him some support. Fred goes to Audrey to have his hair cut. Mike can't believe the girls want a three-day week. They assure him that they want to work to make the business a success and ask him to take a gamble on them. He agrees to give it whirl. Eunice finds Fred in the shop's back room. She marches him out and tells Audrey to keep her hands off her husband. Mike is delighted that the girls fell for his trap and opted for the three-day week he always wanted. Bert can't believe the Tilsleys' luck now Ivy is on a three-day week. Ron finds a solicitor for Brian and tells him that he'll pay his fees.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Fred is enjoying a cosy hairdressing session in Audrey's unofficial backroom 'salon'. But here comes his wife, Eunice.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 16,800,000 viewers (2nd place).
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