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It's Boxing Day. Lucille is thrilled with her transistor radio and shows it off to everyone. Harry worries when Len doesn't make his usual appearance at No.7 over Christmas. He wonders if the rumours about him failing a medical are true when Harry Bailey looks for Len at the Rovers despite it being a holiday. Ena supervises as the residents clear up the Mission. Elsie is upset that the Cheveskis are going home next week. Christine is embarrassed when Frank gives her a brooch. Frank thinks Christine is avoiding him. Ken advises him to talk it over with her. Lucille asks Ena what she knows about Len. Ena tells her off for being nosy. Frank asks Christine why she hasn't been round to No.3. With some reluctance, she tells him how Val snubbed her. Len tells Harry he didn't feel up to coming over on Christmas Day. Frank demands an explanation for Val's behaviour towards Christine. Ken thinks she was unwise to turn Christine away as it gives the impression that Christine is after Frank. Frank is offended when he calls the idea ridiculous. Fired up by their success, Swindley and Emily trade ideas for their next project. Emily pictures Swindley in a dressing gown in Private Lives à la Noël Coward. Frank tells Christine it's all sorted and they agree to be friends. Harry sees Harry Bailey talking to Len at the Mission. Len tells him that Nellie and Stanley are going to live in Nottingham with Harry.


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