Hilda gives up cleaning for the Faircloughs. Jack moonlights on the taxis whilst claiming his dole. DOS Investigator Tom Elliott looks for Bert. Hilda goes for a cleaning job for a businessman. She is shocked to discover it's Mike. He agrees to take her on at his flat as she's honest and trustworthy. She is thrilled. Annie is horrified at the coarse manner in which Bet compares the "Mr and Mrs" competition. Bet is assisted by Len and Rita. Ivy is embarrassed by Bert's answers about their sex life in the quiz. Vera loses the quiz for the Duckworths by swearing Jack has never been unfaithful. Brian and Gail are persuaded to enter the quiz at the last minute. The Ogdens fail to get questions right. Brian and Gail are declared the winners and given champagne.


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