The Faircloughs take John to Jodrell Bank. Tracy goes down with chickenpox. Albert worries that he'll catch shingles from her. Eunice house-hunts whilst Fred works. She doesn't get anywhere. Mrs Spencer is coming out of hospital and John prepares to leave No.9. Rita is sad that he's leaving. Albert decides that he can't stay at No.1 whilst Tracy is ill. Emily takes him in as no one else wants him. He starts bossing her around.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Why is Albert Tatlock panicking so much that he goes to stay with a neighbour - and who's the unlucky neighbour? Meanwhile, there's a special day out for Len and Rita Fairclough and foster son John Spencer.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 11,820,000 viewers (10th place). This somewhat low figure in comparison to surrounding episodes is explained by this edition being transmitted on August Bank Holiday Monday.
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