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Mavis and Betty set off to London to see the Royal Wedding. The residents have prepared the street with Union Jacks to celebrate the Royal Wedding. Hilda is upset that she has to watch the wedding on a black and white television. Annie moves her television into the select for the customers to watch. Emily enjoys looking after Tracy. Eddie borrows a colour TV for the day for Hilda. She takes her curlers out to watch and settles down. Annie tells Fred she'd rather employ him than Frank Pritchard. Fred tells her that he'll let her know his decision. Annie's TV breaks down. No one can make it work. Eddie hires Hilda's TV for £10 to Annie. Mike gets Susan a holiday job as a barmaid in a Chiswick wine bar. Susan is thrilled. Eunice tells Annie that Fred can stay on at the pub only on the condition that he no longer lives in and is given an extra £12.50 a week. Fred is amazed when Annie agrees. The Faircloughs are asked to foster a thirteen-year old boy immediately.


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Elsie Tanner (to Albert Tatlock): "Well... you may have served with the British but I fought with the Yanks... and won!"

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