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Linda is certain that Elsie is carrying on with Len. Minnie finds it hard to learn her ten lines. Ena is incredulous that Swindley has put his faith in Jed. Jed doesn't have the means of getting to Liverpool to pick up the costumes so borrows a mate's van. Martha spreads it around that Len has failed an insurance medical. Albert realises that Val hasn't told Ken about the money situation. Swindley grows despondent after last night's travesty of a rehearsal and still with no costumes or scenery. Sheila and Doreen drop out of the play to concentrate on boys. Albert demands that Val be honest with Ken. She refuses to go back on her word. Annie has one of her lines changed as it could be considered vulgar. Albert catches Ken before he gets home and tells him about the money. Dennis is working over Christmas and can't come home. Elsie realises that Ena has been gossiping when Linda tells her Len is ill. Ken decides not to give up teaching and assures Val it's what he wants. Swindley holds a dress rehearsal with no costumes and with everything falling down around him. Sheila pretends that Doreen has an inflamed throat and she has to drop out to look after her. Florrie saves the day with her suggestion of merging her part with theirs. Len doesn't have time to finish off the scenery but the cast persuade him to persevere. Jed arrives with the costumes, which all turn out to be from the wrong period.


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Notable dialogue

Ena Sharples: "The only thing I ever get for Christmas is a frozen lavvy."


Leonard Swindley: "Take care."
Jed Stone: "Don't worry, I can't go fast, 'aven't got a licence."

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