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Fred and Eunice agree to face the future together. He goes for a job interview as relief manager for Grassington's Brewery. Deirdre asks Emily to be her matron of honour. Emily is pleased. Stan starts with his new poles. He finds them much easier. Annie phones from Derby to remind the Gees that they have to leave. Fred is put on a waiting list of twenty-five and is told the brewery are looking for a younger man. All of Stan's customers want to buy poles, saying they can do their own windows with it. He demands his money back from Eddie. Maurice Dodds takes Mavis painting on the canal bank. He gets her to appreciate the beauty of the Northern landscape. The regulars advise the Gees not to leave the Rovers until they're ready and Annie can't sack Fred as he's done nothing wrong. Fred decides to face Annie's wrath by refusing to leave.


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