Albert swallows his pride and wishes Ken well with his writing. Val cuts down on her shopping but tells Florrie it's nothing to do with their finances. Jack is tired of Annie rehearsing at all hours. Linda tries to get Elsie to tell her Len's secret but Elsie keeps schtum. Ivan annoys Len by going on about how much better things are in Canada. Sheila is smitten with a lad she met last night called Ted. The production can't afford to hire costumes so Jed offers to get them from a mate in Liverpool for next to nothing. Len gives Val a bill for the work at the salon. She puts him off until the end of the month. Martha sees Harry Bailey going into the Faircloughs' again. Ena feels that Elsie owes her for helping Linda and decides to tackle her about Len. Tickets go on sale for the play. Val tells Albert he was right - she doesn't earn enough to support her and Ken. Albert urges her to tell Ken before he leaves his job. Val thinks it wouldn't be fair on him. Swindley is tempted to cancel the play when Sheila, Frank, Harry, Concepta and Annie don't turn up for rehearsal. Ena questions Elsie about Len and asks if his health is failing. Elsie tacitly confirms that it is and asks Ena to keep the information to herself. Ena immediately tells Martha. Len has enough of Ivan's talk of Canada and attacks him for being a foreigner. Linda is shocked when Elsie stands up for Len against Ivan.


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