Annie takes Jack to task for his behaviour in front of George Davies and for drenching the man in mild. Joan and Gordon choose kitchen furniture from a catalogue. Their courting is interrupted by Billy and they go to a furniture exhibition. Billy goes out on the tiles with money given to him separately by both Jack and Annie. Christine helps Concepta choose a new raincoat. Esther tells Florrie she starts her new job at a mail order firm in Manchester on Monday. Christine cold-shoulders Esther who is amused at her behaviour. Ena tells Harry that people are gossiping about him and Eileen Hughes. Concepta tells him that people won't stop the gossip until he remarries and makes it clear she'd be interested. Harry agrees to help out behind the bar on the morning of the wedding. He looks forward to Concepta showing him the ropes. Ena and Martha continue to chatter about Harry's love life. The Cheveskis discover that their landlady won't have children in the house in Warrington, and they think of buying No.9 but Ivan will need to look for another job nearer home. Elsie is delighted that they'll be closer and promises them some of her furniture. They drink to the future. Christine tells Joe to ignore the talk about them. She invites him into the house where they start to kiss but Joe loses his nerve. Elsie tells an amused Linda and Ivan about Joyce Bond and her job as a snake-charmer and stripper. Coming home in the early hours of the morning, Dennis sneaks a cardboard box into the house.


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