Christine gets the message from Val's behaviour and is cool towards Frank. Jed collects props for the play. Albert lends him his sideboard as it's the oldest one in the Street. Ken's replacement starts at Bessie Street School. Harry tries to find out what's wrong with Len. He touches a nerve when he asks Len if he and Harry Bailey will be buying up the town, referring to his insurance policy. Linda hasn't made up her mind about Canada yet and goes back to Ena for her advice. Ena makes her realise that she does want to go back. She remains worried about Elsie but Ena tells her she must live her own life. Ena catches Martha eavesdropping. Swindley grants Jed permission to store the props at the Mission, regardless of any complaints Ena might have. Jerry forgets to tell Len about the overflow at the Rovers. Len promises to do it first thing in the morning and threatens Jerry with the sack when he stands up for himself. Linda pleases Ivan by agreeing to return to Canada. Ena rehearses with Minnie to help her learn her lines but Minnie finds her line readings distracting. Len snaps at Florrie when she fusses him about a shelf she wants at the shop. He confides in Elsie what's wrong with him. Swindley waits until the props are ensconced at the Mission before informing Ena. Ena is amazed when Jed drops a stag's head on her table. Linda breaks her news to Elsie. She expects Elsie to be broken up about it but Elsie tells her she'd be daft not to. Elsie keeps what Len told her to herself.


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