Deirdre returns from seeing Blanche. Eddie organises Sugar La Marr to appear at Fred's stag night. Bet warns him that Annie will not stand for a stripper. To help Eddie out, Bet phones Nellie Harvey and gets her to invite Annie over for the night. Bet wants to see Fred with a stripper. Sugar La Marr arrives for Fred's stag night - he is horrified. Albert wishes Deirdre happiness with Ken. Fred refuses to let Sugar perform at the Rovers. Vera finds No.5 too quiet. Ivy gets rid of Vera for ten minutes by getting Bert, under protest, to take Vera to the Rovers. Sugar refuses to leave without her £15 payment so Eddie is forced to pay her. Deirdre and Ken wonder how to tell Albert they won't be living with him once they're married. Eddie is jealous when Fred drives Sugar back home to Patricroft. Eunice phones the Rovers and Eddie tells her that Fred has taken the stripper home.


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