Fred lays into Frankie about his bounced cheque. Mike stops Fred from hitting him. Frankie swears that he'll get the cash from the bank. Alf is furious when Fred believes him. Wally Randle moves into No.11. Eunice tells Fred she'd like an engagement ring. Frankie repays Alf and Fred in full. The police have dropped their enquiries and the video business is booming. Ken plans an Easter trip to see Susan. He invites Deirdre to join him but she has promised to take Tracy and Emily to Blackpool. Mike gets rid of Frankie and entertains Sonia Price again. Emily tells Deirdre that she can take Tracy to Blackpool on her own so Deirdre agrees to go to Glasgow with Ken. Frankie turns up at Mike's flat again after missing the London train. Mike takes him to the station personally to get him on the next one. Fred wants to marry as soon as possible. Eunice wants to wait until they have a pub set up. Elsie tells Wally she enjoys his company. He realises that she is in love with him and wants a relationship with him. She tells him she admires him for not making a pass at her. He tells her that she's got it all wrong, he only wants to be a lodger. She tells him that she wants him but he makes her realise that she's too old for him and leaves. She breaks down.


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