Elsie and Wally Randle enjoyed a night out together in Macclesfield. Fred checks with the brewery that he's still entitled to his own pub if he's married. Annie is surprised that Fred is planning to marry to get a pub. Brian apologises to Gail for being so horrid. He realises that he has to grow up and fight for his family. They agree to face the future together. Fred goes to the brewery to see Richard Cresswell where he is told he can certainly have a pub of his own. Brian pleases Gail by taking her out for the evening. Rita babysits. They thank Bert for helping them to sort things out. Wally dislikes his digs so Elsie invites him to lodge with her. Fred tells Eunice that he can only get a pub if he's married and proposes to her. She accepts, he is delighted.


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