Mavis and Emily return from Malta. Fred considers marrying Eunice to get a pub of his own. Betty tells him it's obvious that Eunice is keen to marry. Brian is upset when Gail cuts down on his food to save money. Elsie misses Wally Randle when he has to work away. She is delighted when he turns up. Eunice tells Fred that she's having too much fun being divorced to think of marrying again. Rita and Len grow bored of Mavis's holiday stories and are embarrassed when she gives them presents. Betty tells Fred that Eunice is bound to accept a proposal if he tells her that he could get a pub for them. Ivy takes Gail out to the pictures so Bert can speak to Brian. Eunice tells Fred that she's always wanted to be a landlady. Fred tells her that he's in line for a pub of his own. Bert tells Brian he needs to grow up and enjoy his family before he loses them. He tells Brian that many more are worse off than him and he has to make the most of what he's got.


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