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Ivan doesn't see what's so wonderful about Weatherfield and thinks Linda is hankering for her childhood. Elsie refuses to be dragged into their argument. Ena complains about the state of the Mission after rehearsal. Swindley makes no apology and informs her that there will be many more. Minnie helps Swindley measure up the room for the scenery. Harry can't get the car going and asks for Len's help. Len is late for work and isn't his usual self. Elsie tells Linda that she and Len are just good friends. The play is cast, with Emily playing the lead. Len comes close to snapping at Swindley and Lucille when they press him about the scenery and Harry's car. Mrs Birtles returns, with Sheila's dad. Linda suspects Elsie of having had an affair with Len and quizzes Christine on their relationship. Christine uses Bill Gregory to show that Elsie doesn't mess around with married men. The Birtles try to interest Sheila in coming to live in Rawtenstall. Sheila remains adamant that she's staying in Weatherfield. Frank wears his best suit for today's rehearsal. Len doesn't turn up to help Harry with the car. Harry gives him a hard time about it in the Rovers. Florrie agrees to keep the Birtles informed on how Sheila is. Annie throws herself into the part of the Duchess of Bannock while Harry, playing the Hon. Reggie Fitzgerald, is shaky on his lines. Swindley is annoyed when Emily goes to meet Edwin Birtles to find out how the other production is going. Frank is pleased when Christine compliments him on his performance. Len is keen to talk to Elsie but she hasn't the time as she's going out with the Cheveskis.


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