Gordon Lewis does the cellar just as he wants it. Fred is furious but Gordon tells him that he'll check it every day. Ken tells Deirdre she should have told him that she is seeing Mike. Len puts a new washer on at the Rovers. Gordon is furious when Bet gives him a drink before opening hours. Bet apologises and tries to flirt her way out of the situation. Ken asks Mike what he feels for Deirdre. Mike tells him that he's enjoying himself. Johnny Webb is annoyed when Sandra doesn't give him discount at the cafe. When a lorry driver, Terry paws Sandra, Johnny warns him off. The lorry driver threatens to hit Johnny. Wally Randle stops the fight and Elsie thanks him. Ken tells Deirdre that he is jealous of her seeing Mike. He accuses her of taking him for a ride, she tells him that he's got a cheek and he has no right to moralise about her. He tells her that he wants her and finds it painful that she's seeing Mike.


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