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Emily returns her wedding presents with covering notes explaining her marriage wasn't legal. Hilda delights in telling Annie that she has her own daily. Audrey asks Gail if she can stay for Christmas. Gail is glad to have her near. Eddie gives out invites to the Ogdens' party. He gives Fred a special one, telling him that he's not invited. Emily tells Annie and Mavis about Arnold. Martin is invited to spend Christmas Day with the Oldfields but Elsie tells him that he's got to spend Christmas in Birmingham as his mother will be expecting him. Annie helps Emily by putting the regulars straight about Arnold. Audrey arrives at the Tilsleys' house and tells them she's got a job and things are looking up. They tell her that she can stay as long as she wants to. Martin is torn between letting Karen or his mum down. Karen is upset and tells him if she doesn't see him at Christmas she doesn't want to see him again.


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