The residents cast their votes at Bessie Street School. Swindley finds little support in Coronation Street as Elsie is too busy to vote, Christine isn't registered and Albert prefers Joe Armstrong. Elsie excitedly awaits the Cheveskis' arrival. Christine offers to keep out of the way but Elsie tells her she'll do no such thing. Emily arranges a meeting of the Mission Hall Players at the Rovers. Ken takes Val out for her birthday. Emily and Doreen have to wear rosettes. Doreen wears hers on her head. Emily finds it disrespectful but Doreen is so sure that Swindley won't get that she offers to go out with Jed if he does. Swindley and Mr Spinks spend the day courting the ditherers. Ken doesn't vote, feeling that the result is a foregone conclusion. Elsie meets the Cheveskis' boat at Manchester Docks. Linda is thrilled to be back and cries when she's reunited with her mother. Swindley spoils his ballot. The Cheveskis give Elsie baggy clothes from Canada. At Linda's request, they have a chippy for dinner. Jed gets a stall on the market. Linda tells Elsie that Ivan has packed in his job. The Mission Hall Players have a first read-through. Emily chairs the meeting while Albert, Len, Christine, Jed, Sheila, Doreen, Florrie and Frank attend. Minnie is too late to vote.


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