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Gail can't stop crying as she fears Brian won't be able to get another job. She blames Audrey and tells her to leave the house. She calls Audrey selfish and says she's ruined their lives. Annie finds her sideboard has been scratched. Len repairs Emily's door. Annie assumes Hilda made the scratch but Bet tells her it was Fred. Brian searches for work but no one will employ him without a reference. Emily allows Arnold to believe Len weakened and repaired the door without being asked. Ivy tells Ron Sykes that he sacked Brian illegally and threatens him with a tribunal. Ron tells her to get lost. Fred tells Annie the sideboard door was an accident, she tells him to pay for a French polisher to mend the scratch. Audrey finds a flat and leaves the Tilsleys' house. Gail apologises to her for shouting at her. Arnold makes a big deal about paying Len not knowing Emily has already paid him. He is furious when Len tears his cheque up. He is furious that Emily went behind his back. Ivy offers the Tilsleys her £200 savings if they need it. PC Maskall catches Martin and Karen at the yard at night. Len is called for and clears the matter up but Karen gives her surname as "Smith".


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