Gail tries to let everyone think that the cafe doesn't tire her out. Fred celebrates his fifty-first birthday. He is annoyed that Annie has gone away without acknowledging the event. Albert helps Monty Shawcross train for walking in Whitehall. Gail refuses to rest or stop work for another month as they need the money. She breaks down and Brian realises that she can't cope. He tells her that she must stop work immediately and she agrees. Audrey offers to take them for a meal. She persuades Brian to use a customer's car to take them out for the night. Betty gives in to Fred's whining and agrees to let him hold a party at the Rovers. No one wants to go to Fred's party but Mike, Bert, Ken and Alf feel sorry for him and attend. Alf and Mike have a contest to see if Alf can eat cheese quicker than Mike drink a pint with a spoon. Mike wins. Monty asks Albert to go to London with the regiment. Albert refuses, saying he's too old. Alf and Fred have a contest, this time with Alf drinking the pint. Fred beats him by cutting the cheese into bits first. Fred discovers his "mates" set him up and a tumble ensues. Fred, Alf and Bert fall over, scratching Annie's sideboard. Tony Newall spots Brian, Gail and Audrey out in his car.


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  • TV Times synopsis: A friendly beer-drinking and cheese-eating contest at Fred Gee's birthday party suddenly turns nasty. Meanwhile, Brian and Gail Tilsley and her mother Audrey go out to celebrate…but will they regret it?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 18,300,000 viewers (2nd place).
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