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Bet feels as though her flat is dirty. Mr Oldfield calls at the Corner Shop and tells Alf he'll have him prosecuted if he hears that he's sold drink to minors again. Betty organises a party at Bet's flat to drive away all presence of the intruders. Martin asks Karen out but she tells him she can't see him. Mike gives Bet some denim outfits from his factory. Mavis spends the evening with Arnold and Emily. He can't wait to get rid of her. Ken gives Bet £56 from the regulars and Annie gives her a brooch - she is touched. Martin gets Karen to meet him behind her father's back. Oldfield arrives instead and accuses him of pestering Karen. He tells Martin and Elsie that he's a police sergeant and warns him to stay away from his daughter.


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Notable dialogue

Annie Walker: "A function of some sort would be a symbolic exorcism of the malaise caused by the intruders."
Eddie Yeats: "Yeah...I think Mrs Walker's trying to say that you can't whack a good knees-up."

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