Elsie rows with Martin for getting Karen drunk. Bet is distraught that her only picture of Martin Downes has been taken. The Swains return from their honeymoon on the Isle of Wight. Arnold carries Emily over the threshold at Eddie's prompting. He tells Emily he'd like to sell No.3 and buy a country cottage. Annie offers Bet some of her clothes. Karen has her first hangover. She tells Elsie that her father has told her not to see Martin again. Bet is horrified when Annie gives her her old gowns. Elsie rows with Deirdre for selling Martin cider as he's underage. Deirdre tells her that he told her it was for his grandmother. Arnold starts to show signs of impatience with Emily's neighbours. Ken organises a whip-round at the Rovers for Bet. Bet wears Annie's dress back to front, the plunging back is turned into a V-neckline to her waist. Elsie tells Martin what Karen told her and he vows not to let Oldfield stop him.


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Notable dialogue

Annie Walker (lending dresses to Bet Lynch): "We are approximately the same size. You will be getting style, good quality, high fashion. You will be better dressed than you've ever been before."


Bet Lynch: "I'm sorry I'm late, Mrs Walker."
Annie Walker: "Good heavens!"
Eddie Yeats: "Cor!"
Mike Baldwin: "Cor blimey!"
Ken Barlow: "That is a sensational dress, Bet."
Alf Roberts: "I never knew that you had any dresses like that, Annie."
Annie Walker: "Bet, you've got it on back to front!"

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