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Ivy hears that her sister Sheila in Canada has become a grandmother. She refuses to make the peace with Brian and Gail. Bet assures Rita nothing happened between her and Len. Marshall's phone Bet and tell her they have her bag. Bet goes to the store to collect it but Eddie fears it may be a put-up job to get her out of the way whilst someone raids the flat. He and Len rush to the flat and find it ransacked. Bet returns to find everything has been taken and she breaks down. Bert and Brian plot to get Ivy and Gail together. Bet isn't insured. She refuses to stay in the flat until the lock is changed so Betty takes her in. Martin gets Elsie out of the way so he can entertain Karen; he wants to neck with Karen but she wants intellectual conversation. He plies her with gin. Bert and Brian get Ivy and Gail together for a drink in the Rovers and they make peace. Gin makes Karen sick. Elsie returns to find Karen in a drunken heap.


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Notable dialogue

Rita Fairclough: "Between me and my husband, there is total faith and certain knowledge - I have total faith in Len and he has the certain knowledge that if he plays away I'll break every bone in his body."


Mavis Riley: "Me mother always said that I had to save meself. So I saved meself till all danger was completely passed. Now look at me."

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