Emily and Deirdre close the Coronation Street Secretarial Bureau. Hilda has copied eight score draws onto the factory coupon to let Vera think she's won a little bit of money but Stan tells her there were only ten score draws that week and Vera would have won thousands - suddenly the joke doesn't seem so funny. Hilda tries to get to the coupon but is too late as Vera has checked it. Ivy, Ida, Vera, Karen and the other girls celebrate, thinking they've won a fortune. Mike fears they'll pack up working in the middle of his orders. Vera buys drinks all round at the Rovers. Ivy sends a telegram to the pools company. Hilda and Stan agree to keep quiet about fixing the coupon. Emily buys bridesmaids' dresses for Deirdre and Tracy. Alf tells Deirdre he's hanging on to the shop flat as he wants a resident assistant. Hilda is forced to accept champagne from the factory girls. Vera buys a £60 fur coat, spending her mortgage, electricity and Christmas club money in the process.


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  • From dialogue in the episode, it is clear that the events shown take place on a Monday when the Baldwin's Casuals girls check their pools coupon and Karen Oldfield commences work with the job she obtained only late on the Friday afternoon. This leaves the question of exactly when Karen joins the girls' pools syndicate as Episode 2025 is set on a Sunday and is when Hilda Ogden sabotages the pools coupon copy. Karen is heard to say "We've won!" when the coupon is checked but in Episode 2024 (25th August 1980) she is quite clearly shown leaving the sewing room immediately after getting the job and just before Hilda is told that it's too late to join in the week's coupon.
  • TV Times synopsis: Uproar in the factory as the girls celebrate their win on the pools…but why is Hilda Ogden so anxious?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 13,550,000 viewers (8th place).
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