Mavis tells Emily that she can't be a bridesmaid as she's going to be in London. Hilda is adamant she paid Vera her pools money but Vera is equally adamant she didn't. Deirdre asks Alf if she and Tracy can have the shop flat. He is taken aback. He worries what people will say if he takes a woman in so soon after Renee's death. Annie invites him for his Sunday lunch. Emily braces herself and tells Deirdre that she'll have to move out. Deirdre tells her it's alright; she's arranged to take on the shop flat. As an act of revenge Hilda copies the winning pools numbers onto the factory girls' copy.


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  • From dialogue in the episode, it is clear that the events shown take place on a Sunday as Emily Bishop and Arnold Swain go to chapel and Ivy Tilsley goes to mass. Early scenes are also played out to the tolling of a church bell. This leaves the question of exactly when Karen Oldfield joined the girls' pools syndicate as Hilda Ogden sabotages the pools coupon copy in this episode while clearing up after Len Fairclough's weekend repairs and Episode 2026 is on the following day when Karen is heard to say "We've won!" when the coupon is checked. In Episode 2024 (25th August 1980), set on the Friday, Karen is quite clearly shown leaving the sewing room immediately after getting the job and just before Hilda is told that it's too late to join in the week's coupon.
  • TV Times synopsis: Hilda Ogden plots vengeance on arch-enemy Vera Duckworth. Deirdre Langton believes she has found a home for herself and daughter Tracy, but is her prospective landlord beginning to worry about possible scandal?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 12,100,000 viewers (3rd place).
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