Gail and Brian move into 5 Buxton Close helped by Brian's friend Andy Rowlands. They haven't a bed and don't know if they can take the one at Ivy's house with them. With Annie and Betty away, Fred is instructed to take on a relief barmaid. The brewery sends Arlene Jones. Fred fancies her. Bet kids her that Fred has something mentally wrong with him. When some machinists fall ill, Mike mans a machine himself to get an important order out - the girls are amazed. The Faircloughs return from a motoring holiday to the news of Renee's death. The Tilsleys have a new sofa delivered. Gail is glad to be away from Ivy. Fred feels certain Arlene fancies him. Bert and Ivy give the bed to Brian and Gail as a housewarming present. Ivy starts to cry at the thought of Brian leaving home.


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