Bert is tired of working nights. Annie tries to keep her birthday a secret. Deirdre agrees to be Emily's Matron of Honour, with Tracy as a bridesmaid. Ivy goes with Brian and Gail to view the new house. Mrs Fletcher calls on Betty and tells her that Reg Sudworth has left her and she accuses Betty of ruining her life. Annie assures her she did the right thing. Emily is surprised that Arnold wants to marry in the Weatherfield Register Office. She agrees but is upset that he is not a religious person. The Tilsleys look at 5 Buxton Close. Gail thinks it's perfect. Mavis is put out that Emily hasn't asked her to be her bridesmaid. Annie is furious when Hilda sings "Happy Birthday" to her in the middle of the pub. Ivy is against the new house because it is two bus rides away. Gail tells Brian she wants the house and if she doesn't get it she'll leave and live with Audrey.


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